Web Site Development

VIP Consulting will design, develop, and implement your  Internet presence on the World Wide Web.  A custom "home page" will be developed by blending in the specific objectives you have set with the technology that will put your web site a part from others. 

Graphics, Pictures and Logos

There is no limit to the amount of information that can be placed at your web site. It is critical that the information be logically organized and that the screens are presented effectively for the major web browsers. Pages on the web can be greatly enhanced with graphics, pictures and logos. Unfortunately, many web sites over use graphics making browsing very inefficient and time consuming.  If your images load very slowly frustrated visitors will likely leave your site before they have even seen one page on their computer screen. VIP Consulting will work with you to efficiently incorporate only those features that will enhance the content of your site for the largest audience possible.

Custom Programming and Special Features

Added functionality to your Web site can be the key to providing you with the edge over other web sites.

A few examples are:

  1. Electronic Mail Message Forms
  2. Audio and Video
  3. Mailing List Subscriptions
  4. Guest Book Registration (demographics collection)
  5. On-line Surveys
  6. Request for Product/Service Information

VIP Consulting will create a layout of your Internet presence that will make common sense. A detailed description of all needed services to get your web site on-line will be given to you with a fair price quote. Typically, your web site can be completed within a few weeks of the initial consultation and submission of all text and images for your web site.

VIP Consulting can provide you with the type of individual attention that will help you take advantage to today's cutting edge technology.

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Internet Electronic Mail

Electronic Mail is often the primary reason why businesses and individuals decide to connect to the Internet. The rate that people are using e-mail is growing at an amazing pace. Millions of e-mail messages are sent everyday. VIP Consulting can set up electronic mail response features within your web site presentation.

Economical Communication

Electronic mail provides an economical communication option for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Your current domestic and international long distance phone charges can often be drastically reduced by using e-mail to communicate. The additional inconveniences of playing phone tag and trying to remember time zone differences are forever gone.

Electronic Reader Service Card

Visitors to your web site can easily request additional up to date information via electronic mail while viewing your web site. This is an electronic version of a "Reader Service Card". This eliminates the delays typically associated with mail and magazine processing procedures. It also allows for a low pressure method of asking questions about your products, services, and organization.

Electronic Mailing Lists

15082.gif (18827 bytes)Your web site may can also allow customers to subscribe to an electronic mailing list. You can collect demographic information that will help you build a data base of visitor information helping you better target future customers. When visitors subscribe to your mailing list they can give you permission to periodically send them electronic mail with up to date news information, product or pricing updates, promotions, etc. A mailing list built in this fashion will consist of individuals with a real interest in your business and organization. Mass electronic mailings are very simple and inexpensive to do. A mailing using a electronic mailing list is very fast and is automatically sent to everyone on the list within a few minutes.

Electronic Mail Attachments

Electronic mail allows individuals to send copies of letters, reports, presentations, pictures, etc. without having to pay the expensive cost of sending documents and packages overnight. The Internet provides a standardized method for sending and receiving attachments."  It is that simple.

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